The hobby

"When I was a kid we had a train
under the Christmas tree..."

Model railroading has changed dramatically in the past decade.

Models are more accurate copies of the real thing, with more precise and authentic detailing.  With newer precision electric motors, they run better, too.  This is true for models of old-time steam engines as well as models of most modern Diesels.

The introduction of Digital Command Control (DCC) has revolutionized model railroading from an operational viewpoint, allowing multiple trains to operate on a single track, even in different directions.  Wireless control of model railways is becoming popular, with engineers using infra-red or radio transmitters to control their trains from anywhere around the layout.

In recent years, the introduction of tiny speakers has allowed the addition of authentic sounds to locomotives.

Scenery products are much more realistic and safer and easier to use.

Large scale trains are becoming popular, particularly outside where there is more room.  In fact, garden railroading is the fastest growing segment of the hobby.  it combines gardening with model railroading, and often includes water features.  Large scale is a size that the whole family can enjoy.

Regardless of your budget and your space constraints, there are lots of ways to get involved with this enjoyable hobby.​​
Model railroading can be FUN and educational, too!
Aspects of the hobby might include:

* Historical research
* Geography
* Layout planning
* Carpentry and construction
* Building kits, or building from scratch
* Advanced model building
* Scenery and landscaping
* Electrical wiring and electronics
* Railroad operations
* Collecting rare equipment
* Sharing your experience with others